List the Missing: Three U.S. Military Veterans Who Disappeared and Haven’t Been Found

Debbie Allen, William Schmidbauer, and Hattie Brown each served in the U.S. Military before they each vanished without a trace. While the circumstances of their disappearances vary, all three have this in common: their cases remain unsolved.


In 1981, a Sacramento Man Disappears on Trip to Los Angeles. Two Weeks Later, His Car Found Abandoned in New Orleans: What happened to Dale Kelley?

On the morning of May 20, 1981, 21-year-old Dale Eugene Kelley departed his home in Carmichael, California in his orange 1976 Toyota Celica. He planned make the six-and-a-half hour drive to Los Angeles to visit his girlfriend, but he never made it there. Two weeks later, his car turned up abandoned in in New Orleans, but he was nowhere to be found. What happened to Dale Kelley?

Before Dorothy Arnold, There Was Adele Boas: The New York City Heiress Who Went Missing and Came Home

New York City heiress Adele Boas didn't wake up on April 23, 1909 with the intention of going missing, but before the sun would set, she was gone.

Introducing a Four-Part Series on the 1969 Disappearance of Thomas Riha

Thomas Riha spent the night of March 15, 1969 attending dinner party at a graduate student's Boulder home. The University of Colorado professor appeared distracted and nervous that Friday night, but he was a quiet man by nature and his private life had been particularly chaotic as of late. No one was particularly worried by … Continue reading Introducing a Four-Part Series on the 1969 Disappearance of Thomas Riha