About the Author

By day, I work with data at a criminal justice non-profit in New York City. But by night, I’ve been losing friends and alienating people with murder-talk and crime-writing since grade school.

I’m no journalist, but I did minor in creative writing, so I’m basically an expert. I now strive to shed light on lesser-known, but equally fascinating cases through well-researched, cited (and probably profane) discussion.

When I’m not on the internet—in which case, I’m probably dead—you might find me rapping to my cat, listening to Nine Inch Nails, painting, or roaming upper Manhattan. But you’ll probably find me headphones on, in the bath tub, listening to a true crime podcast and ignoring the world around me.

My Big, Fat, Greek Disclaimer

I am not a criminologist, mental health professional, attorney, historian, forensics expert, private detective or law enforcement officer. While I strive to ensure that my posts are as responsible, accurate, and well-cited as possible, I’m unfortunately human and will probably screw-up on occasion.

(I am also not Greek; I just like cheap wordplay.)

Did you spot a mistake? Has something I’ve written pissed you off? I want to know about it! Feed my masochistic side and drop me a comment here (or anywhere).


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