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13: The Search for Leigh OcchiMissing Persons, Cold CasesInvestigative3.80
A Date with Dateline True Crime MediaConversational4.13
A Killing on the CapeHomicidesInvestigative
A Very Fatal MurderSatireSatirical
Accused (seasons 1 & 2) Cold Cases, Wrongful Convictions, Homicides, InvestigationsInvestigative4.50
Actual InnocenceWrongful Convictions, Criminal Justice System
Atlanta Monster Serial Killers, Homicides, InvestigationsStory-Telling3.15
Best Case Worst CaseLocation-Specific Crimes, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice SystemConversational2.70
BreakdownLocation-Specific Crimes, Criminal Justice System
BuriedMissing Persons, Cold Cases, Location-Specific Crimes
Canadian True CrimeLocation-Specific Crimes, General True CrimeStory-telling
CasefileGeneral True Crime, Serial Killers, Cold Cases, Missing PersonsStory-telling4.46
CaughtCriminal Justice System, Psychology & Criminology, Prison, Jail, & Incarceration, Law EnforcementDocumentary4.67
ConvictedGeneral True Crime, Homicides, Criminal Justice SystemInvestigative
Corpus Delecti
Court Junkie General True CrimeStory-telling3.94
CrawlspaceGeneral True CrimeConversational
Crime in HollywoodCold Cases, Location-Specific Crimes, History, HomicidesDocumentary4.28
Crime in SportsGeneral True Crime, HomicidesConversational
Crime Writers On True Crime MediaConversational4.63
CrimetownOrganized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption, Location-Specific CrimesDocumentary4.63
CriminalGeneral True Crime, Investigations, Criminal Justice System, HistoryDocumentary4.68
Criminal Musings, Serial KillersConversational4.04
Cults Cults & New Religious MovementsStory-telling4.30
Dear Franklin JonesLocation-Specific CrimesDocumentary3.56
Devil's Teeth Cold Cases, Homicides, Location-Specific Crimes
Dirty John Organized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption, HomicidesDocumentary4.63
DisgracelandLocation-Specific Crimes, Homicides, General True CrimeStory-telling3.58
Done DisappearedLocation-Specific Crimes, Missing PersonsSatirical4.35
Ear HustleCriminal Justice System, Documentary4.79
Empire on BloodWrongful Convictions, Prison, Jail, & Incarceration, HomicidesDocumentary4.56
Felon True CrimeLocation-Specific Crimes, Homicides, General True CrimeStory-telling3.81
Felonious FloridaLocation-Specific Crimes, HomicidesDocumentary4.06
Generation Why General True Crime, Wrongful ConvictionsConversational3.50
Getting OffCriminal Justice System, Investigations, Law EnforcementConversational4.00
Gone at 21Missing Persons, Homicides, Cold Cases, InvestigationsInvestigative3.00
Gone ColdGeneral True Crime, Cold Cases, Homicides, Missing Persons
HangingCold Cases, Suspicious Deaths, InvestigationsInvestigative
Heaven's Gate Location-Specific CrimesInvestigative4.84
I'll Be Gone in the DarkTrue Crime Media, Cold Cases, Serial Killers
In SightGeneral True Crime
In the Dark Missing Persons, Homicides, Criminal Justice System, Cold CasesInvestigative4.83
Knock KnockLocation-Specific Crimes, Homicides, InvestigationsInvestigative3.75
Last Podcast on the LeftGeneral True Crime, Serial Killers, Cults & New Religious Movements, Conspiracy TheoriesConversational4.38
Leap in the DarkMissing Persons
Locked Up AbroadDocumentary
MisconductCriminal Justice SystemConversational3.00
Missing AlissaLocation-Specific Crimes, Missing Persons, Cold Cases
Missing and Murdered: Finding CleoMissing Persons, Homicides, Cold CasesInvestigative4.48
Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams?Homicides, Cold CasesInvestigative
Missing Maura MurrayGeneral True Crime, Missing Persons
Missing Richard Simmons Missing PersonsInvestigative4.41
Moms and MurderConversational
Murder Road TripGeneral True Crime
MurderishHomicides, General True CrimeStory-telling3.84
My Favorite Murder Homicides, General True Crime, Cold Cases, Serial KillersConversational3.16
Once Upon a CrimeGeneral True Crime, HistoryStory-telling3.86
Open: The Case of Leigh OcchiMissing Persons, Cold Cases3.50
Out of the ColdHomicides, Cold Cases, Solved Cases, InvestigationsStory-telling
Out of the ShadowsGeneral True Crime, Unsolved MysteriesStory-telling3.10
Patty's Got a Gun Cults & New Religious Movements, Criminal Justice System, Organized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption, Kidnapping & AbductionDocumentary3.63
Real Crime ProfileLaw Enforcement, Investigations, General True Crime, Psychology & CriminologyConversational3.75
RepeatGeneral True Crime, Location-Specific Crimes, Organized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption, Law EnforcementInvestigative3.75
S-TownGeneral True CrimeInvestigative4.59
SerialWrongful Convictions, Criminal Justice SystemInvestigative4.83
Serial Killers Serial Killers, Psychology & CriminologyStory-telling4.06
Slow Burn: A Podcast About WatergateOrganized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption, HistoryInvestigative4.89
Small-Town MurderHomicides, Location-Specific CrimesConversational3.61
Someone Knows SomethingGeneral True Crime, Homicides, Missing PersonsInvestigative4.36
Southern Fried True CrimeGeneral True Crime, Location-Specific Crimes, HistoryStory-telling
Stranger ThanGeneral True Crime, Paranormal
Stranglers Serial Killers, Investigations, HistoryDocumentary4.57
Stuff They Don't Want You to KnowConspiracy Theories, Unsolved Mysteries, Organized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption, HistoryConversational3.50
Suspect ConvictionsWrongful Convictions, Criminal Justice System, Homicides, InvestigationsInvestigative4.21
SwindlersOrganized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption, Location-Specific CrimesStory-telling3.96
Sword and ScaleGeneral True Crime, Investigations, Homicides, Law EnforcementStory-telling2.97
SwornCriminal Justice System, General True Crime, Homicides, InvestigationsDocumentary
The Apex and the AbyssMissing Persons, Cold Cases
The Assassination
The ConspiratorsHistory, Unsolved Mysteries, General True CrimeStory-telling
The Fall Line Missing Persons, Investigations, Law Enforcement, Cold CasesInvestigative4.33
The Night Time Podcast General True Crime, Location-Specific Crimes, Missing PersonsStory-telling4.08
The Pope's Long Con Organized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption, General True CrimeInvestigative4.69
The Trail Went Cold Unsolved Mysteries, Missing Persons, Cold Cases, HomicidesStory-telling3.83
The Vanished General True CrimeStory-telling3.85
Thin Air Missing Persons, Cold CasesStory-telling4.00
Thinking Sideways General True Crime, General True CrimeConversational3.91
Those Conspiracy GuysConspiracy Theories, General True CrimeConversational3.44
Trace Evidence Location-Specific Crimes, Missing Persons, Homicides, Unsolved MysteriesStory-telling3.91
True Crime All the TimeGeneral True Crime, Serial Killers, HomicidesConversational3.06
True Crime All the Time: UnsolvedCold Cases, General True Crime, Homicides, Unsolved MysteriesConversational3.50
True Crime BreweryConversational
True Crime Couple General True CrimeConversational3.25
True Crime Fan ClubConversational2.50
True Crime GarageGeneral True Crime, Cold Cases, Serial KillersConversational3.13
True Crime HistorianHistory, General True CrimeStory-telling3.54
True Crime Japan PodcastLocation-Specific Crimes, General True CrimeConversational
True Crime Obsessed True Crime MediaConversational4.33
True Murder Homicides, True Crime MediaInterview3.79
UnconcludedGeneral True Crime, Cold Cases, InvestigationsDocumentary
Uncovering Unexplained MysteriesUnsolved MysteriesConversational
Unfound Missing PersonsInterview3.45
Unresolved Cold Cases, Missing Persons, Unsolved Mysteries3.25
Untold: The Daniel Morgan MurderLocation-Specific Crimes, Cold Cases, Organized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption, InvestigationsInvestigative3.94
Up and Vanished Missing Persons, Cold CasesDocumentary3.08
Vanished: The Tara Calico StoryGeneral True Crime
West CorkCold Cases, Location-Specific Crimes, Homicides, InvestigationsInvestigative4.75
Without a TraceGeneral True Crime, Cold Cases, Location-Specific Crimes
Wrongful ConvictionGeneral True Crime, Criminal Justice System, InvestigationsInvestigative
You Must Remember Manson Location-Specific Crimes, Cults & New Religious Movements, Homicides, HistoryStory-telling4.53
Young CharlieGeneral True Crime, Cults & New Religious Movements, Homicides, HistoryStory-telling4.56
ZealotCults & New Religious MovementsConversational2.44
...These Are Their StoriesTrue Crime Media, Fictional Crime Media, Law Enforcement, InvestigationsConversational4.20
DeliberationsLocation-Specific Crimes, Criminal Justice System, InvestigationsScripted storytelling 4.45
Marcia Clark Investigates: The First 48True Crime Media, General True Crime, Investigations
BrowervilleGeneral True Crime
Phoebe’s FallSuspicious Deaths, Location-Specific Crimes, Homicides
Bloody MurderGeneral True Crime, Homicides, Location-Specific CrimesConversational4.00
True Crime GuysGeneral True Crime, Serial Killers, HomicidesConversational4.16
The Mansion MurdersLocation-Specific Crimes
HoaxGeneral True CrimeStory-telling
Unsolved MurdersCold Cases, HomicidesStory-telling3.63
Based on a True CrimeGeneral True Crime, Fictional Crime MediaConversational3.85
Murder and Such
The Doe FilesUnidentified Decedents, Cold CasesStory-telling3.63
Impact Statement
Buried TruthsHistory, Criminal Justice System, General True Crime, Organized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption
The Perfect ScamOrganized Crime, Fraud, & Political CorruptionConversational4.17
Can We Cult?Cults & New Religious MovementsConversational
Death in Ice ValleyCold Cases, Unidentified Decedents, Homicides, Location-Specific CrimesInvestigative4.50
Murder DigestGeneral True Crime, Homicides, Serial KillersConversational3.50
MafiaOrganized Crime, Fraud, & Political Corruption3.88
Crime JunkieGeneral True Crime, Missing Persons, Homicides, Cold CasesConversational3.55
CriminologySerial Killers, Cold CasesDocumentary4.22
RedHandedGeneral True CrimeConversational3.83
True Crime IslandGeneral True Crime, Location-Specific CrimesStory-telling2.75
Death by MisadventureParanormal, Unsolved Mysteries, Suspicious Deaths
In the Dark: Season 2Investigations, Wrongful Convictions, Homicides, Criminal Justice SystemInvestigative4.63
Crime Inc.Criminal Justice System
They Walk Among UsGeneral True CrimeStory-telling3.50
The Wonderland MurdersHomicides, Location-Specific CrimesStory-telling4.25
Hollywood Crime SceneLocation-Specific Crimes, General True CrimeConversational3.50



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