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16 New Additions to My True Crime Podcast Spreadsheet

The arrest of the alleged East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker–better known as the Golden State Killer, but he’ll always be EAR/ONS to me–has been quite the distraction in the last two weeks. Y’all have no idea how hard it’s been to get work done when you know there’s a live-streamed arraignment going on, but you’re stuck in an office with bad wifi.

From Left to Right: the “Maggiore” composite of the Golden State Killer; Navy portrait of Joseph James DeAngelo circa 1967; the “Primrose Man” composite circa 1977


But, to quote Michael Scott, regional paper salesman extraordinaire, “somehow I manage”–manage, that is pull myself away from all things EAR/ONS to add sixteen new shows to my true crime podcast master-list. And, as of today, May 6, 2018, my spreadsheet includes 136 true crime podcasts

This Week’s New Additions:

  1. The Mansion Murders
  2. Hoax
  3. Unresolved Murders
  4. Based on a True Crime
  5. Murder and Such
  6. The Doe Files
  7. Impact Statement
  8. Buried Truths
  9. Forensic Files
  10. Murder Digest
  11. Death in Ice Valley
  12. Can We Cult?
  13. The Perfect Scam
  14. Crime Junkie
  15. Criminology
  16. Death by Misadventure

Browse the entire list of true crime podcasts

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