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12 New Additions to My True Crime Podcast List

It’s been one hell of a week in this death-selling household.

I love my job, but this month has been rough: working at a criminal justice non-profit means that, four months a year, lowly analysts like me are tasked with compiling a fiscal quarter’s worth of our performance data–How many women did we help get out of Rikers? Did we administer enough HIV tests in state prisons last month to satisfy ? Were we able to help people with substance abuse problems go to rehab instead of jail?–into reports, invoices, narratives, and fucking gargantuan spreadsheets delivered (in triplicate) to The Funders, per the government contract that keeps your programs running and your colleagues steadily employed. April is one of those months.

This, of course, is on top of the other reports, invoices, narratives, and fucking gargantuan spreadsheets delivered monthly to your bureaucratic overlords.

And in between all  all that data is converted into pie charts and bar graphs, which you then frantically arrange in aesthetically-pleasing, intuitive PowerPoints, that you–trying to quell the anxiety, Red Bull, and sleeplessness-fueled tremors–must present cogently to the Very Important People in your agency’s executive team.

It’s never not weird that Mayor De Blasio could’ve plausibly seen the reports I submit to his office each month [Image via]
I am particularly on top of my shit this month, and I’ve only crossed off 14 of the 53 tasks on my professional to-do list. Add in a series of health issues flaring up in a Whack-a-Mole fashion, it’s safe to say that I’m somewhat scattered and very sleepy. I’ve not made nearly as much progress in my crime-writing as I’d intended.

But, despite all that shit (I bet you thought I was never gonna get to the podcast part), I’ve managed to add over ten shows to my true-crime podcast spreadsheet. Some are long-time faves, others are older shows I’d never gotten around to, and a couple are chart-topping new releases. And, after some diligent listening, I’ve added ratings and details for a handful of show.

Browse the entire list of true crime podcasts


This Week’s Freshly-Added True Crime Podcasts:

  • …These are Their Stories
  • 13: The Search for Leigh Occhi
  • Browerville
  • Buried
  • Deliberations
  • Felonious Florida
  • Knock Knock
  • Marcia Clark Investigates: The First 48
  • Open: The Case of Leigh Occhi
  • Phoebe’s Fall
  • True Crime Guys

New Ratings and Added Show Details:

  • …These are Their Stories
  • Dear Franklin Jones
  • Deliberations
  • Done Disappeared
  • Empire on Blood
  • Felonious Florida
  • Open: The Case of Leigh Occhi
  • Patty’s Got a Gun
  • Repeat
  • True Crime Fan Club
  • True Crime Guys

There’s currently 120 podcasts on my spreadsheet, but there’s so. many. more out there! I’ll keep on updatin’, but in the meantime, I want your suggestions! Drop me a comment below, or shoot me an email.

And, stay-tuned for some Fresh Content in the upcoming days/weeks/months, because I’ve got great (and terrible) stories in the works. One involves a Brooklyn cult-lord turned serial killer, another’s about an uncaught California “hobo” killer. I’m also in contact with individuals close to the infuriating case of a woman who vanished shortly after an incident in which she was held at gunpoint at the what could have been her own freshly-dug grave. And, I’m working to locate primary sources related to a missing toddler last seen alive in the days between her mother’s murder and the body’s discovery.

I am slowly making my way through the cases on my To Research list, and I hope I can do ’em justice.

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